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July 12, 2023

Pressley Introduces Amendments to Improve NDAA, Support Vulnerable Servicemembers and Communities

I was my mother’s caregiver during her battle with leukemia.
I can’t imagine the heartbreak of losing the job I loved while also losing a parent who loved me so deeply — but that’s the reality for far too many.
We must pass @PaidLeaveforAll & build a just America that cares for our people.
In a just America, we would care for our people.

But today, too many people have to choose between a paycheck and caring for a loved one or welcoming a new baby.

While we fight to #PassPaidLeave, let me hear from you:

What has no paid leave cost you or your family?
Black women earn 66 cents for every $1 paid to white men.

The wage gap isn’t just a number—it’s a damning economic injustice.

On Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, we continue our fight to close the pay gap and build an economy that pays us what we’re owed.
Project Labor Agreements open doors for women, people of color, and veterans to enter the trades.

And they help ensure construction projects finish on time and on budget.

I’m proud Massachusetts is leading the way and using PLAs to advance racial and economic justice.
Big banks take annual stress tests to make sure they won’t crash our economy.

But Republicans want to undermine those tests to help banks game the system.

We need meaningful and stringent stress tests for a safer and more stable financial system.
Kenneth was experiencing homelessness, unemployment, and awaiting approval for his social security benefits. He spoke with my team and I about the challenges he was having.

“Within a matter of days, I was getting calls from Boston Public Housing and Social Security,” said Kenneth. “When I met Congresswoman Pressley at the Town Hall meeting, she looked me in the eye and told me that if I was entitled to these benefits, she would make sure I would get them. And true to her word I am now living in my own apartment, receiving my benefits, and working part-time in the Congresswoman’s district!”

If you or a loved one need housing or social security support, contact my office anytime at or 617-850-0040.