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human rights

July 18, 2023

Rep. Pressley’s Statement on H.Con.Res. 57

Republicans are in disarray and deeply disconnected from the people.

Kevin McCarthy was not fit to lead, his party does not have a clear vision or path forward, and the people deserve a functioning Congress.

My statement on today's motion to vacate.
I voted YES to keep the government open.

We prevailed because we centered the people, but shame on Republicans for letting it get to this point.
Republicans can't govern.

They can't pass their harmful and unpopular agenda, so they play cruel games that hurt our most vulnerable.

Democrats are united, focused on the people, and ready to keep our government open.
“The student loan payment pause has been a lifeline for borrowers across the nation. As we stare down an impending Republican government shutdown, it is abundantly clear that student loan payments should not resume October 1.
“To throw borrowers back into repayment with bad faith loan servicers and an under-staffed Department of Education is a recipe for disaster and would deeply undermine the progress we have made to advance economic justice for student loan borrowers. While the Administration works diligently to push back on the corrupt Supreme Court’s obstruction of President Biden’s historic cancellation plan, we should take immediate steps to prevent borrowers from entering into repayment at a time when the infrastructure is not there and bad actors will seize on the lack of government capacity caused by Republican dysfunction.
“This Republican government shutdown stands to harm families across the nation, many who were just regaining their financial footing for the first time since the COVID-19 crisis.  The Administration should absolutely pause student loan payments and interest accrual in light of these stark realities.”

Read more about it at link in bio.
The people deserve better.
Tonight, Boston City Hall is lit blue in honor of #AlopeciaAreataAwareness Month.

Grateful to @MayorWu for her partnership and solidarity, and to my alopecia community in the #MA7 for making this possible.