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Criminal (In)Justice

March 21, 2024

Pressley Calls for Congress to Address Risks of Artificial Intelligence on Marginalized Communities

March 13, 2024

Rep. Pressley Applauds Gov. Healey’s Marijuana Pardon Proposal

January 17, 2024

Pressley, Durbin Statement on DOJ Seeking Death Penalty for Buffalo Supermarket Shooter

January 15, 2024

VIDEO: Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s Remarks at Boston’s 54th Annual MLK Memorial Breakfast

January 15, 2024

On MLK Day, Pressley and Interfaith Coalition Call for Ceasefire in Gaza

December 06, 2023

Pressley, Welch Unveil Historic Bill to Guarantee Right to Vote for Incarcerated Citizens

November 16, 2023

Pressley, Markey Unveil Resolution to Honor Survivors of Homicide Victims Nationwide

November 02, 2023

Pressley, Murphy Unveil Bill to End Criminalization of Students, Invest in Counselors and Safer Environment for Kids

I’m joining @EdTrust & education leaders on Wednesday to discuss my #BooksSaveLives Act and our fight against book bans nationwide.

Everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in our literature and to learn #HonestHistory.

RSVP now:
Wishing all #BostonMarathon runners good luck!

And holding space for those still healing from the trauma of the attack 11 years ago.

I’m grateful for our city’s unity & urge folks to come together for acts of kindness — & if necessary, seek out the help you need. #OneBostonDay
With this news, hundreds of thousands more borrowers will see meaningful relief.

It’s never been clearer that student debt cancellation is popular & sorely needed action that the people demand & deserve.

@POTUS must continue to #CancelStudentDebt for as many people as possible.
FACT: FDA rigorously reviewed mifepristone research. 
FICTION: Judges know better than public health experts. 
FACT: Mifepristone is safe and effective. 
The facts are adding up — medication abortion is a safe form of routine healthcare and mifepristone access must be protected.
Everyone has a right to read, learn, & see themselves reflected in our literature.

This #NationalLibraryWeek, I’m giving librarians their well-deserved flowers & continuing to fight against book bans nationwide.

Congress must pass my #BooksSaveLives Act to do just that.
Community colleges like @BHCCBoston and @SeeRoxburyCC help over 10 million students earn a degree each year.

Their impacts stretch far beyond the classroom, and we must invest in them like the public good that they are.

Happy National Community College Month!
💰We secured over $13 million in federal funding for community projects across the #MA7.

So far we’ve brought home over $35 million to build a more just & equitable district.

I’m proud to partner with municipalities & grassroots orgs to continue delivering for our communities.