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LGBTQ Justice

December 14, 2023

Pressley Unveils Bill to Confront Rise in Book Bans, Ensure Inclusive Learning Environments

November 07, 2023

Pressley Blasts GOP, Affirms Support for The Pryde LGBTQ+ Senior Housing Project in Boston

October 12, 2023

During Banned Books Week, Pressley, Librarians, Educators Affirm Need for Representative Literature

August 02, 2023

Funding for The Pryde LGBTQ+ Senior Housing Included in Senate Appropriations Bill

July 18, 2023

Pressley Slams GOP for Stripping Funding for LGBTQ+ Senior Housing in Massachusetts 7th

June 29, 2023

LGBTQ+ Orgs Express Support for Pressley Resolution to Affirm the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th Amendment

April 28, 2023

VIDEO: Pressley Responds to Senate’s Vote on Equal Rights Amendment

Food is medicine and food is life.

But Republicans want to cut #SNAP and rip food out of the mouths of millions of vulnerable people, including over 1 million Massachusetts residents.

Republicans need to stop playing with people’s lives.
George Floyd should be alive today.

If America didn’t criminalize Black folks and deny us our humanity, he would be.

We’ll never stop fighting to end qualified immunity, root out white supremacy, and build a world where Black men can grow old.
The Israeli government must heed the calls of the ICJ to immediately halt its deadly assault on Rafah.

And @POTUS must take action to ensure that happens.

Millions of innocent Palestinians have sought refuge in Rafah, & we cannot be complicit in their massacre.

Project 2025 is a far-right manifesto that would destroy the federal government as we know it and disrupt the lives of every person in America.

It would enable Trump & Republicans to enact widespread, wholesale policy violence, and it must be rejected.