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Care Economy

July 10, 2024

WATCH: Pressley, Paid Leave for All, Advocates Keep Up Fight for National Paid Leave Policy

Sara is a brilliant artist & loving sister.

She was severely burned in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. An airstrike that killed her two younger brothers.

No child should have to endure this brutality.

I’ll carry her & her family with me always as I press for peace in their name.
No one should fear for their life at a political rally, in a classroom, in a faith house, or in their home.

The more time we wait on answers from Director Cheatle, the more oxygen Republicans have to spread dangerous misinformation that puts people in harm’s way.
Everyone deserves clean air, clean water, and a safe and healthy environment, including those behind the wall.

My Environmental Health in Prisons Act with @SenMarkeyMemes confronts environmental injustices in carceral settings and promotes decarceration.
Let me make it plain: Thanks to @POTUS, nearly 5M borrowers have benefited from #CancelStudentDebt.

That includes nearly 1M public service workers who support our communities every day.

More & more borrowers’ lives are changing because of this relief.
High summer temperatures are impacting us all. 

And urban heat islands in my district are 10-15 degrees hotter than neighboring communities.

We need the @EPA’s essential work to continue combatting this threat to our lives and our planet.