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December 16, 2021

Pressley Urges Senate to Stay in Session to Pass Build Back Better, Voting Rights Legislation

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) issued the following statement regarding reports that passage of the Build Back Better Act could be further delayed in the Senate. 

“Time and time again, we are forced to accept false choices that pit our communities against one another, and each time, our most vulnerable neighbors pay the price. Troubling reports that the Senate is now planning to further delay consideration of the Build Back Better Act to potentially take up voting rights legislation is no different.  

“We cannot and we must not accept efforts by one Senator from West Virginia to continue to delay much needed investments in our communities. This is exactly why I pushed so hard to keep passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill tied to passage of the Build Back Better Act—so we could deliver on the President’s full agenda and ensure that no worker, no family and no community is left behind. We knew that passing one bill alone would endanger the other, and I take no joy in seeing these dynamics play out now in real time. 

“We must reject the false choice that forces us to pick between protecting our democracy and investing in our workers and families. We shouldn’t have to choose, because our communities deserve, demand and require that we do both swiftly and without further delay. 

“The Senate must remain in session as long as necessary to get the Build Back Better Act and critical voting rights legislation passed before the end of the year. The people delivered Democrats the House, Senate and White House, and we must deliver for them with the urgency that this moment requires.”