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January 7, 2021

Pressley, Tlaib, Colleagues Urge Congressional Leadership to Reconvene Congress, Remove Trump from Office

Letter (PDF)

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) joined Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) and Reps. Jamaal Bowman (NY-16)Cori Bush (MO-01), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), and Ilhan Omar (MN-05) in sending a letter to Congressional leadership urging them to reconvene both chambers and immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, who incited a mob of his supporters to storm and breach the US Capitol yesterday. 

“The attack on our nation’s Capitol yesterday was a result of his incitement, and we cannot go home while he remains in the highest office in our land, threatening our elected officials, our nation’s Capitol, and our very democracy,” the lawmakers wrote, “The remaining two weeks of his presidency may prove to be detrimental to our nation—every day that he remains in office is a serious threat to our democracy and our national security. We cannot risk his unhinged behavior any longer.”

Members of Trump’s cabinet have reportedly discussed invoking the 25th Amendment. Lawmakers including GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Senate Majority Leader Schumer have also voiced support for doing so. Others have called for impeachment, including Reps. Pressley, Tlaib, Bowman, Bush, Ocasio-Cortez, and Omar; they want Congress to use its constitutional authority to remove the President immediately.  

“We will set a dangerous precedent if there are no consequences for a sitting U.S. President inciting violence as a last-ditch effort to remain in power against the will of the American people who voted him out of office. Congress must reconvene immediately in order to begin proceedings to remove Donald J. Trump from office,” the letter concluded.

The full text of the letter can be found here.

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