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August 13, 2019

The Boston Globe: Ayanna Pressley tells Trevor Noah that Congress could save lives by passing gun control bills ‘tomorrow’

Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Monday night to talk about President Trump, racism, gun control, and the state of Congress.

She referenced her eight years on the Boston City Council and highlighted her work on trauma, violence prevention, and immigration in her interview on the program.

The congresswoman described gun violence as a “public health epidemic” that affects all Americans, and she outlined the “intersectionality of violence” between mass shootings and community-based violence.

“Tomorrow, we could save millions of lives,” Pressley said. “We could pass an assault weapons ban; we could pass universal background checks.”

The trauma associated with gun violence goes under-addressed, she added, and is “choking at the promise of our communities.”