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April 5, 2019

MassLive: ‘Mommy, this one’s for you;’ Rep. Ayanna Pressley speaks about her mother’s abuse in support of Violence Against Women Act

Rep. Ayanna Pressley spoke about her mother’s abuse at the hands of a partner while speaking in support of the Violence Against Women Act Thursday.

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation to renew the act – which included new provisions that restrict gun ownership and expand rights for transgender people, according to NPR.

Pressley, a Boston Democrat, spoke about her mother Sandra Pressley who “depending on the day, was beaten for being too pretty, too ugly, too smart, too dumb,” she said. Pressley Sandra Pressley died of complications from leukemia in July 2011.

“This man beat my mother’s limbs and down her spirit,” Pressley, who represents Massachusetts’ 7th congressional district said.

She added: “Let us reject the myth that strong women, bold women, independent women do not find themselves in the throes of violence at the hands of someone who claimed to love them.”

She ended her remarks by saying: “Mommy, this one’s for you.”